Quatre Bornes

Quatre Bornes Town – The best residential town in Mauritius and the most promising town in Mauritius. The reasons you could have heard from many tourists across the world or read from Wikipedia or Travel Advisor or even from Lonely Planet, but what we are going to do here is explain to you about the town real time.

Quatre Bornes is the town anyone would want to visit any time of the year, the reason behind is that it has the best hotels in the country, shopping malls in Mauritius, shopping streets in Mauritius, Shopping bazar in Mauritius, Best theatres in Mauritius, Best Hangouts in Mauritius, Best shopping experience in Mauritius.

We are going to write everything in detail in coming days related to every topic e.g: if we are going to talk about hotels in Quatre Bornes, we are going to write a complete story about the list of hotels in Quatre Bornes and all the details about the hotel in Quatre bornes.

Do you know Quatre Bornes has the best hotels and In Town Hotels in Mauritius. We are not talking about side tracked hotels, but hotels which are best to stay and business meeting.

List of Hotels in Quatre Bornes
Gold Crest Hotel
Gold Nest Hotel
Palms Hotel in Quatre Bornes.
Royal Holidays Hotel
Hennessy Park Hotel

Do you also know Quatre Bornes Town has some of the best Educational Institutes in and around the town, yes we do. Well, you are enough surprised to hear that,  do you also know the first cybercity in Mauritius “EBENE” falls under Quatre Bornes Municipality, so if you talk about cyber or technology in mauritius, it would directly end up to Ebene – Quatre Bornes Town of Mauritius.

Quatre Bornes has one of the best street foods available in the country, some of our fav foods are available across the town, right from Ebene to End of Palma, YES good in Mauritius is delicious talk about the native favorite food like Dholl Puri, Roti, Lentils, Noodles, Dumplings, salad and many others.  You will get different foods by evenings right from roasted chicken grill,  grilled fish or lamb.

You can visit some of the well-rated hotels in Mauritius like King Dragon, Happy Rajah, , Manoushé, Grill and Go, Shabaan, La Rose De Damas Mauritius, Trianon Shopping Park Food Court,
Hideaway Garden Restaurant
Tandoori Express
Spring Restaurant
Flame & Grill Restaurant
Great Delight Restaurant
House of Canton
Khansama Indian Dhaba
Bonsai Restaurant
Indian Summer Restaurant
Ousa Thai – at Shoprite Trianon Quatre Bornes
Miss Daisy Bistrot
Boulettes Palace

Beyond hotels and other stuffs, we also must talk about some of the best-known attractions in the country which is part of Nations Pride. Well yes you have best place to visit where you can have the best glance of different towns from top level mountains.
Some of the best religious places are
Lord Muruga Temple
Great Mosque of Quatre Bornes
Dharmarakshita Buddhism Center in Mauritius
Quatre Bornes Church – one of the oldest churches in Mauritius
Iskcon Temple in Mauritius – touching rims of Quatre Bornes Border