Jockeys Earn Lengthy Suspensions

Mauritius: Two Jockeys Earn Lengthy Suspensions After Being Seen Socializing With Bookmaker

Two South African jockeys were handed three-month suspensions by the Mauritius Turf Club after they were photographed recently socializing with a bookmaker on a boat trip.

According to the Racing Post, Brandon Lerena and Raymond Danielson were suspended after several photos and a video appeared on social media of the pair with a man they only knew as “Ashley”.

When they appeared before Turf Club stewards, both men said that they were unaware that the man was a licensed bookmaker, saying that he claimed he was a “fashion consultant from Fashion TV”. Stewards found them both guilty and they were then suspended.

Mauritius Turf Club rules are very strict in regards to jockeys and bookmakers. In Mauritius, section (k) of the jockey’s licence states – “No jockey is permitted to contact, deal or otherwise associate or be in any way connected with any bookmaker, bookmaker’s clerk, betting agent or anyone connected thereto.”

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