H1n1 swine flue back in mauritius

H1N1 returns to Mauritius

According to our information publisized and circulating in Mauritius, a 59-year-old man from the town of Pailles died on Tuesday (May 30th 2017). He had contracted influenza A (H1N1). The fifty-year-old died at the Dr. A.G.Jeetoo hospital.

A death confirmed today by Anwar Husnoo, Mauritian Minister of Health.
34 cases of H1N1 since the beginning of the year in Mauritius

The minister explained that other patients with the virus were placed in quarantine.

Even though Anwar Husnoo has put forward 34 cases of H1N1 flu recorded since the beginning of the year in the sister island, Mauritius health minister has qualified: “Do not worry and think that the H1N1 Is an epidemic. ”

“No epidemic” according to the Mauritian Minister of Health

The Mauritian Health Minister said: “We are not in a crisis situation as in 2010” because the “virus is present all over the world.”

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