Paris replacing Mauritius as tax haven, Citi alerts Finance Ministry

Citi, once perceived as a master in regulatory arbitrage, has drawn the government’s attention to Paris emerging as a new tax haven with Mauritius losing its charm. In a recent meeting with officials of the finance ministry, Citi pointed out how some global banks and funds are taking advantage of India’s treaty with France to […]

Mauritius 91-day Treasury bill yield falls to 2.53 pct

The weighted average yield on Mauritius’ 91-day Treasury bill fell to 2.53 percent at auction on Friday from 2.79 percent at the last sale, the central bank said. The Bank of Mauritius sold all the 2.3 billion rupees ($66.28 million) worth of the debt it had offered. Complete auction results were as follows: MATURITY 91-DAY […]