Town Portal

This is Our Portal – Well we are sure to say it’s “OUR TOWN PORTAL” this one is for those who wish to hear and speak the truth about the town or the nation.  The perspective of the portal is all about saying and happenings around the town of Quatre Bornes – Mauritius.

Quatre Bornes Portal has been here for almost 18 years now, we evolved from basic HTML website with some static links to the information pages around to 10k+ Unique Authenticated users around the world.  We have been providing the information about the towns Hotels, Bungalows, Hot Spots, Pickup points, Maps and all the other information we could get.

Our aim is to promote Our Town – “The Quatre Bornes” as the most promising Residential Town and also the town of Joy and Technology.  Quatre Bornes Town has blown up quite a bit in recent past years – including Ebene part of it and also with latest Hi end shopping malls just touching the Quatre Bornes boundaries.  We have the best shopping locations, everything around 5 min drive from the heart of the town. Everything in the reach of you including hospitals, markets, shopping malls and also transportation, what more are you looking for. Just ask us we will provide you the details…

If you are having a business in quatre bornes town and you would like to get promoted, all you need to do is Register in Quatre and start placing your ads.  If you still have queries please do reach us through the contact us